Cubbington Parish Council

The application to produce a neighbourhood plan has gone through consultation with Warwick District Council and been approved.

An online questionnaire for all residents to express their views was open till the end of April and the feedback will be reflected in the Plan

Cubbington Parish Council worked with contractors during the lockdown to complete the installation of new play equipment on the 2 playgrounds, Austen Court and the Recreation Ground.

The cost of the 2 projects totalled £120,000, grant funds were secured from the Groundworks Community Fund and others. Without this grant funding the project would not have been able to go ahead. 

The playground at Austen Court is very close to the HS2 line and the skyline has been damaged by the removal of a vast area of woodland.

Work continued on the 2 areas with planting of trees in Austen Court to act as a buffer to the new HS2 track.  Trees obtained from the Woodland Trust have also been planted in the Recreation Ground . 

A new path has been constructed around the perimeter of the Recreation Ground to ensure that the area is inclusive for all.    The new path will allow less ambulant members of the Parish, families with pushchairs and wheelchair users to access the Ground all year round.  We have also installed new benches so people can stop and rest.

The Sensory Garden is now complete. This includes areas for children and people with additional needs to come, sit and enjoy the ground. 

Some pieces of adult fitness equipment have been installed, so adults can also benefit from exercising and spending time outdoors.

We hope all enjoy the playgrounds and have pride in the new facilities.

Anti-Social Behaviour

The Parish Council are working with the Safer Neighbourhood Team with regards to an increase in anti-social behaviour.  We have requested an increase in police presence to help tackle the problem and CCTV has been installed in the recreation ground.

HS2 Meeting

There was a public presentation by HS2 in the village hall on April 28th and another will be arranged shortly.

The Queen

Following Her Majesty’s death a book of condolence has been placed in the BestBuy store by the PC for residents to sign.