Cookies used on Cubbington Parish Council

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files of letters and numbers downloaded on to a device when you access certain websites. Cookies allow some of our websites to recognise a user’s device and provide content accordingly.

The law which applies to how cookies are used for storing information on your equipment (such as your computer or mobile device) changed on 26 May 2011. We will provide you with clear information about how our sites use cookies, and how to disable them if you wish.

To make it clearer for you, we’ve divided how we use cookies into four different categories:

  • Setting-based
    – this type of cookie is used to remember a setting or preference, such as a colour or the size of text on a page.
  • Feature-based
    – this type of cookie is used to remember information about a feature on a page, such as the fact that you’ve watched a video clip or listened to an audio file previously.
  • Function-based
    – this type of cookie is used to remember information about how you use a website, and provide analytical information to site administrators.
  • Third-party
    – this type of cookie is created by a third-party, and can also fall under the categories of ‘Setting’, ‘Feature’ and ‘Functional’. Where third-party cookies are present on our sites, we will attempt to be as upfront and clear as possible about their intended purpose.